Planning, Zoning & Annexation

Planning, Zoning & Annexation

Our goal is to achieve an improved quality of life within the City through the application of the zoning process while additionally ensuring quality growth within our community.

The City of Hiram works with developers and property owners to ensure that all State laws and City ordinances are met when developing or improving their properties.

City of Hiram Official Zoning Map - Adopted 6/7/16

Joint Comp Plan 2017-2027, Adopted 6/20/17

Information Requests

Requests for information concerning zoning or annexations are handled by the Zoning Administrator/Project Manager. Some of these requests may be fee-based.You may request this information by phone, email, or in person.


The Zoning Ordinance provides regulations on the use of SIGNS in each Zoning area. Please review the Ordinance and contact the Zoning Administrator with any questions. To apply for a Sign Permit, please fill out the following application and submit it at Hiram City Hall, 217 Main St., Hiram, GA 30141.

Sign Permit Application

Rezoning, Special Use Permits, and Land Use Permits are handled through the Paulding County Planning Office. Contact them at 770-443-7601.


Annexation applications may be downloaded, completed, and submitted to Hiram City Hall, located at 217 Main St.