Chief of Police

Message from the Chief

I would like to thank the City of Hiram for providing me the opportunity to serve as its next Chief of Police. My success in this appointment will be measured by how well I am able to ensure that the community recognizes the legitimate authority of its police officers; and, that the community believes that our police officers possess equanimity in the use of the authority and power entrusted to them. As a consequence, it is my duty to ensure that the men and women of this organization are capable of providing you with law enforcement services that are professional, ethical, and meaningful to you as citizens. I will uphold this duty by ensuring that your police officers are well trained, courteous, and 100% committed to serving you every day they don their uniform; and, that they adhere to their Oath and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Chief Todd A. Vande Zande

I bring with me to this organization 23 years of prior law enforcement service. In addition to being a practitioner of policing, I am also a student of policing and governmental administration. It is this combination of education and experience that have shaped my philosophy concerning the proper role of police in a democratic society and the responsibility we have as public servants.

In closing, I pledge that I will be a responsible and responsive public servant to the citizens of this community and that my door will remain open to those who wish to enter. Accordingly, the men and women who serve with me pledge their commitment as well and take seriously the trust you place in them. Together, we are at your service.

Ph: 770-943-3087, ext. 2014