Alcohol Licenses & Permits

Retail Alcohol License

The City of Hiram regulates the sale or otherwise dispensing of alcoholic beverages, including alcoholic beverage catering. The application process begins and ends with the Georgia Department of Revenue via the Georgia Tax Center; you may access the Georgia Tax Center, which includes GTC account set-up and our application materials, by visiting

Click here to access the City of Hiram Alcohol Ordinance: City of Hiram Code of Ordinances, Chapter 6

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Prater at 770-943-3726, ext. 2013 or

Alcohol Server Permit

Persons serving, handling and/or selling alcohol in a pouring establishment are required to obtain an alcohol server's permit prior to engaging in such activity.

The Hiram Police Department oversees the Permit application and issuance process. 

You may call the Police Department Administration Office for more information at 770-943-3087, ext. 2011.