Policies / Procedures

It is the policy of the City of Hiram Police Department to provide responsive and professional policing services.  The members of this organization believe that transparency in policing practices will aid in fostering trust and establishing legitimacy by providing a context within which citizens may evaluate certain police actions and assess their legitimacy. 

Of particular importance, are policies and procedures related to the use of force in policing, the recording of police encounters, and the searching and seizing of persons and property.  These are the salient issues facing contemporary policing today.  We hope that by making our policies and procedures public, we remove the veil of secrecy that so often undermines the development and maintenance of healthy police/community relations.  

Additionally, the agency supports the Citizen's Bill of Rights as drafted by the Georgia Association of Chief's of Police and is committed to incorporating the tenets of this bill into policy and practice.  

On behalf of the City of Hiram Police Department and its members, I, Chief Todd Vande Zande, want to welcome you to this page and I hope that you find the information contained here helpful in understanding policing as it is being done here in Hiram.