Radar Trailer

The Hiram Police RADAR Trailer program is provided as a service to the community.

RADAR trailers have been used in the city for several years and are very popular. The use of a RADAR trailer is one of the proactive methods we use in response to traffic complaints in residential areas. When the Traffic Enforcement Unit receives complaints about speeding traffic, one of the ways we respond is to set up the RADAR trailer in the area of the complaint.
The trailer is placed in a conspicuous place for approximately a week. 
As a vehicle approaches the trailer, its speed is displayed in large numbers. It has been widely observed that the majority of vehicles passing the trailer are well within the speed limit, with only a few vehicles causing the majority of the complaints. 

The trailer is also utilized in areas of frequent traffic-related accidents and speeding offenses. This trailer is designed to inform motorists of their speed as it relates to the posted speed limit.