Community Services

Under the supervision of the Operations Manager, the Community Services Representative manages the water and sanitation account services for residents of the City of Hiram and is the point of contact for the Hiram Community Center and Ben Hill Strickland Park pavilion rentals. All City Hall visitors or callers receive assistance through the Community Services Representatives.

Water & Sanitation Department
The Community Services Representative is responsible for the management and retention of all water and sanitation billing, service, and contact information. In addition, the representative coordinates work orders with the Operations Manager for repairs of water issues and maintenance and communicates all reported problems concerning sanitation services.

Hiram Community Center Rental
The Community Services Representative also schedules rental and non-rental events in the Community Center. Coordination with the Hiram Police Department regarding event scheduling is also done through the Community Services Representative.

The Event Facility
The newest Event Facility in the City is at 855 Hiram-Douglasville Highway, across from Ben Hill Strickland Sr Memorial Park. Please contact the Community Services Representative for scheduling your special events at this facility.

Ben Hill Strickland Sr. Memorial Park Pavilion Rental
Scheduling for the rental of pavilions at Ben Hill Strickland Sr. Memorial Park is managed by the Community Services Representative. Please note that the amphitheater is not a rentable area of the park.