Citizen's Police Academy

Learn about the community where you live, work, and play!
The Hiram Police Department’s “Citizen’s Police Academy” is open to individuals who live or work in the City of Hiram. There is no tuition to qualified citizens. The course covers the day-to-day operations in the Police Department as well as Investigations, Crime Scene Processing, Defense Tactics, Firearms, Crime Prevention, and many other exciting topics of “police work.”

This program is not designed to make police officers out of the students, but will create a growing number of responsible, well-informed neighbors with the potential to influence others about the Police Department’s methods and goals. The class also gives students a good insight into Crime Prevention, empowering them to be safer citizens.

Everyone who lives or works in Hiram is invited to apply. The class is open for all those over 21 years of age. A criminal background check will be conducted on applicants and the Police Department reserves the right to deny enrollment to those with a criminal history. 


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