Social Media

The Hiram Police Department has embraced social media and created accounts on many of the social media platforms to reach the public in a more modern and progressive way.

Local police departments like ours are adopting social media, and for good reason. Social media has helped the police in the search for criminals, while also allowing these police departments the ability to connect directly with citizens like never before.

Social media is the 21st Century “Wanted” poster. Those “Wanted” posters often seen in old Western films are finally getting an upgrade. Instead of being printed and nailed to storefronts, these “Wanted” notices are being created digitally and being posted to local police department’s Facebook walls.

 Beyond creating “Wanted” posts, police departments use social media to connect with residents in the community. In the past, interaction with local law enforcement officials was limited and largely involved violations or tickets. Social media, however, allows police departments to connect with residents in a more positive and friendlier manner.

Social media tools offer police departments a way to listen to their residents and hear what is being said about the department, crime, the quality of life, and events. They also offer the department the ability to shape the conversation. With a well-planned strategy for using social media tools, departments are improving their reputations.

We invite you to "Follow", "Like" and "Tweet" with us on a various social media platforms, below are a few of the platforms we use. Once you've linked up with us, don't forget to share our pages. 

While we try to respond as quickly as possible on these various platforms, they are not monitored 24/7. Always call 911 in the event of an emergency.