Trial Information

Bench Trials:The City of Hiram Municipal Court has bench trials only. These trials will be decided by the judge. If you request to have a jury trial, your case will be bound over to Paulding County Superior Court.

Trial Overview:Certain rules must be followed by all court participants. The presentation of evidence, the cross-examination of witnesses, and any objections must be properly made. The prosecutor is expected to follow the rules, and so are you. Court Services personnel are not allowed to give legal advice.

Applying for a Court-Appointed Attorney:If requesting a court-appointed attorney to assist you in your case, you must request this on your arraignment date. To apply, there is an application that must be completed, a non-refundable application fee must be paid, and other documentation as required must be submitted to the Clerk of Court.

Once this application is submitted, all applicants go through a process to be approved or denied based on State guidelines. If approved, you will receive notification in the mail prior to your trial date. If you are denied representation, you are still required to appear on you scheduled court date and represent yourself or hire your own attorney.

If you have other questions concerning Court Services, contact us at 770-943-3726, ext. 2003.