Alarm Registration

Alarm Registration

The City of Hiram Mayor and Council approved the Alarm Ordinance on April 10, 2024. Code of Ordinance, City of Hiram Article V of Chapter 22. With an effective date of July 1, 2024.

The purpose of the Alarm Ordinance is to encourage alarm owners to properly use and maintain the operational effectiveness of monitored alarm system in order to improve the reliability of alarm systems and reduce or eliminate false alarms. The City of Hiram finds that excessive false alarms unduly burden the limited resources of the Hiram Police Department.

Alarm Registration: The City of Hiram alarm ordinance requires all residences and businesses to apply for an alarm permit by completing an alarm permit application. Alarm permits will remain active for the duration of the owner's occupation of the premise; however, the owner is responsible for yearly updates.

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                                 False Alarm Fee Schedule

       First & Second False Alarm                          No Charge
       Third False Alarm                          $50.00
       Fourth False Alarm                          $75.00
       Fifth False Alarm                         $150.00
       Sixth & thereafter                         $250.00

Any False alarm occurring without a valid permit will be assessed an additional $100.

If you have any questions please call 770-943-3087 ext. 2029 or email