Hiram-Police-Dept---Decals-for-Badge-(June-2023)Uniformed Patrol Division 
The Uniform division is the backbone of the department and most visible within the community. This is primarily due to the necessary and critical functions that these officers handle on a daily basis. They work in every type of weather, every day of the year and every hour of the day. These are the folks that will be the first to respond to your 911 calls.


The functional responsibilities of the uniform patrol division include, but are not limited to:                  

  • Community oriented Policing at the highest level
  • Protection of life and property
  • Enforcement of all laws and ordinances
  • Preservation of the peace and public order
  • Identification of criminal offenders and criminal activity
  • Apprehension of offenders
  • General traffic services and enforcement

Special Operations Division

This division is focused on supporting community policing and problem solving initiatives undertaken by the Police Department.

  • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Evidence/Investigator

Code Enforcement 

The Code Enforcement department protects the health, safety, welfare, and property values of Hiram residents. This process has been developed not only to furnish the city a means to obtain code compliance, but to protect the rights of anyone identified as being in violation of a city code. 

Report a Code Violation, 770-943-3087 ext. 2031 or email jwilkens@hiram-ga.gov